Oracle SOA 11g – Writing zip files using FTP’s Pipelines/Valves

Oracle SOA suite comes with variety of adapters. Among which, FTP & File adapters are widely used in larger enterprise while we had to work with files. Here, we are going to use the concept of valves/Pipeline for zipping files post processing. However, the usage is not just restricted to zipping. Think about some of the well-known use cases like encryption/decryption, compressing/decompressing, validating, transform, filter, etc, etc. Of-course, these can be achieved post & pre processing the data in FTP & File adapter.

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Oracle 12c – AQ Adapter (basics) – Part 2

Continuing my previous post where we saw how to de-queue a message from Oracle Stream Advanced queuing, this post will help us to understand the basic of how to enqueue a message into AQ.

Lets gets our hands-on by defining a payment process for our Newspaper Shop with Oracle SOA-BPEL 12C. We are going to expose a Http service for letting the customer to pay his invoice.

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