Oracle 12c – AQ Adapter (basics) – Part 2

Continuing my previous post where we saw how to de-queue a message from Oracle Stream Advanced queuing, this post will help us to understand the basic of how to enqueue a message into AQ.

Lets gets our hands-on by defining a payment process for our Newspaper Shop with Oracle SOA-BPEL 12C. We are going to expose a Http service for letting the customer to pay his invoice.

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Oracle 12c – AQ Adapter (basics)

If you are into integration world, you must have come across the word ‘Queuing’. An Architectural pattern which allows us to achieve de(or loose)-coupling and agility in real world. De-coupling is the measurement of dependency between the actual service provider and the service consumer(s). For a better function in SOA, this level of dependency should be low as possible. By Queing, the service consumer can publish the request & make them available for the provider which may or may not be available at when the request is published.

Oracle’s AQ (Advanced Queuing) is one of the extremely powerful (and less used) Oracle Database message queuing based on Oracle Streams. It is an Oracle’s DB feature which is said to be scalable and reliable as weblogic’s JMS. This post is not so much into de-coupling but the basic implementation of Oracle AQ adapter (more details) in SOA-12c.

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